More people means more office space. However, our services are all virtual. Using remote access and/or web-based programs along with internet file sharing we can easily prepare your books from our own office and transfer any information or documents accordingly.

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We are available at your convenience and are here to work around your schedule. Depending on your business needs, we can work as little or as much as required. You only pay for services as they are required whether it be casual, part-time or full-time.


You instantly save money by not having to pay for employee benefits, payroll taxes, supplies, office space & equipment.  In addition, if you experience a high turnover, considerable costs are saved in recruiting, hiring and training.

V.G. Admin. Services welcome



Organization is extremely important and when your running a business we understand how hard it can be to stay on top of the numbers. It is our priority to develop and maintain a strong relationship with our clients, providing them with the reliable help and services they need to keep on top of their books and keep their minds at ease.




V.G. Admin. Services opened in 2013 and is operated by Val Green who has over 30 years experience in various industries which involved payroll, bookkeeping and administration. Of those, the last 10 years were spent in supervisory/management positions working for companies ranging from 350 employees to 1700 employees. With a strong dedication to her work along with her qualifications and abilities to meet strict deadlines effectively, Val has managed to leave a positive impression with major companies like ATCO Structures & Logistics, Wingenback Inc. and First Calgary Savings & Credit Union.


Megan Laws joined V.G. Admin. Services in 2015 in the capacity of Bookkeeping/Administration Assistant. Megan assists with a variety of bookkeeping tasks which include reconciling accounts, receiving/processing bills & invoices, following up on accounts receivable accounts, processing expense forms, requests for payment and maintaining numerous spreadsheets. Megan maintains workflow by developing procedures, maintain various contact lists & calendars, confidential records and files, and e-filing of documents. Megan is highly organized and possesses excellent written skills. Her passion for learning and enhancing her skills have proven to be a valuable asset to both the company and clients.